Placenta Services

Consuming your placenta as a healing medicine is a time-honored tradition in many places around the world. In fact, the vast majority of mammals eat their own placentas - even herbivores! This is because the placenta is a powerful medicine that can help balance hormones, stimulate breastmilk production, and even help decrease the risk of postpartum depression or "baby blues." 


There are a variety of preparation methods, the most common being the Traditional Chinese Medicince method, followed by raw preparation as the second most common method. I offer encapsulation services for $300 which includes pick up and delivery from within the greater East Bay (or for an additional $25 in San Francisco). I also offer a framable print of your placenta, as well as an umbilical cord keepsake shaped like a heart or an infinity symbol for an additional $25. 


Feel free to reach out with questions via the contact page on this site. I'd be honored to prepare your placenta!