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From helping our family find the perfect midwife to providing loving compassionate care before, during and after the birth of our first child Michelle provided us with the best of the best. 

Not only did she take the time to help us create the perfect birth plan, she bent over backwards to make sure both my family and  I had anything and everything we needed for our birthing experience.

She is very knowledgeable and was able to give us a lot insight in creating our birth plan which included the "what if's" of an emergency situation/having to transfer to a hospital and the options (Compassionate Caesarian ect.) available to us that would be as close to our birth plan in that situation/environment.

She is the best of the best, our birth would not have been the same without her presence. I am looking forward to working with her again during our next pregnancy.

                   -Alanna G.

Lovely Michelle provided my family postpartum doula services after my twins were born and we were so happy with her. She was so loving with the babies and obviously got so much joy from being with them.


She was professional, fun to hang out with, knowledgeable, extremely helpful and game for anything - reading to the babies, helping with dishes, or just keeping me company and providing meltdown backup while we took a walk around the lake.


Attention twin moms: this woman is able to pick up and hold two babies at the same time!

                                -Amy D.

We had an incredible experience with Michelle as our doula. As first time parents, we needed lots of guidance and resources. All of her recommendations were high quality and thoughtful. 

During labor she was wonderful-- calming, nurturing, and competent. She helped us make hard decisions that we still feel very good about. We chose the right medication to get some rest, but avoided the epidural and other augmentation. Her massage, encouragement, and breathing guidance were crucial! 

In the end, we had a crazy birth experience. But when we look back, we are nothing but happy and grateful. Michelle was a huge part of that.

                     -Matthew N.